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Aspire has offered support and information to people who have Asperger Syndrome and their families in Ireland since 1995.

Asperger Syndrome is a condition on the Autism Spectrum which impacts on the way that individuals with a diagnosis view the world, interact with others and communicate. While people who have Asperger Syndrome can have many talents and unique skills, they can experience challenges in forming relationships with others, managing anxiety, social exclusion and limited employment opportunities. Perhaps the most significant challenge is the ‘hidden’ element of the condition, which can make it difficult for others to understand the impact that Asperger Syndrome can have.

At Aspire, we believe that people who have Asperger Syndrome can do amazing things and work to increase understanding and ensure that individuals have the same access to opportunities as their peers.

Aspire offers:

  • A daily helpline, which provides over 1500 people per year with AS, their families & professionals with support & information
  • Aspire Productions is a social enterprise that provides paid work experience and career support to adults who have Asperger Syndrome
  • An Adult Social Group which meet once a month in an arcade game bar in dublin city. This group allows for adults with AS to meet other like minded people and socialise at their own pace in a fun environment.
  • A Residential Unit, which provides full time support for two adults who have AS
  • The Career Development programme, offering practical support and guidance to adults on education and and all stages of their career from interview preparation to workplace advocacy.
  • Workshops & training, which are provided to a wide range of professionals working with people with AS & their families
  • Support to regional support groups to ensure that they are gaining any assistance that Aspire, as the National Organisation, can offer to maximise the contribution they make on a regional level to the families involved
  • Relevant & up to date informational leaflets, documents & packs to provide to parties wishing to gain information about the condition & the supports that can be provided are developed
  • Lobbying to Government departments & other public bodies to offer guidance to policy makers

For more information or to ask what Aspire can do for you, visit the website or call the helpline on 01 878 0029.